How Pouf’s hate for Komugi really started. 

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I still don’t understand why YA is a genre that’s so looked down upon like why is it trendy to hate all things YA? What is it about the genre that makes it so much worse than every other genre? What is it about this genre, despite having produced some of the most popular and successful franchises and have encouraged young people to read again, that causes it to be abhorred by everyone else?

It’s written largely by women and consumed largely by women and teenage girls. 

That is why it’s hated. See exhibit JG: when men write YA, it’s deemed by mainstream publications/periodicals/bloggers/etc. as “the YA that isn’t worthless.” 

When men deign to talk about YA, it’s “beginning” a conversation about it… even though it’s been discussed by women and girls for decades.

When school librarians, booksellers, and teachers are buying for the classroom and/or recommending to parents and students, they’re more likely to recommend books that had critical appeal — which makes sense.  But what about the fact that critics are more likely to receive for review, and then favorably review, books by male authors or about male characters than woman authors or characters? What happens then? 

When people realized in the mainstream that more YA is written by/for/about girls than boys, people fretted WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS? WHAT WILL THEY READ IF NO BOY CHARACTERS? even though girls have been made to read, and empathize with, and indoctrinate into ourselves as Real Literature, books with male protagonists (or only male characters) basically since Gutenberg, not to mention Salinger. 

Speaking of Salinger, Catcher In The Rye is generally lauded as the YA that “started it all” when Maureen Daly’s “Seventeenth Summer” a) came first and b) fits the category more cohesively.  When people want to canonize a book as The First, they look to the one written by a man (and about a boy protag) before considering its predecessors.

e.lockhart and John Green both published their first YA books in 2005… and yet recently, lockhart was called a “protege” of Green’s “mastery” of the category.

It isn’t just that YA lit is hated, it’s the audience who reads it, the core demographic who writes it, and the characters it represents that are hated — or at the least, demeaned.  Trying to address the issue of “why is this category mocked and demonized” without taking that step to question why its values and function and the people who make the category are REALLY the ones being mocked and demonized can’t solve the problem.  Or, really, attack it at all. 

The solution isn’t to “write better books” or “have more mature book jackets” or “hope that the mockery is a trend” or “ignore the big franchises for the literary standouts” or whatever else.  Those are just other ways to sweep under the rug the fact that the literary community is still hugely misogynistic, and that’s what needs to change before category (or genre) distinctions can even matter.

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Usagi Hairstyle



So cute! You know, I’ve never tried giving myself hair buns like Usagi’s. I should try it one day. Lord knows I have enough hair to do it. 

I’d like to give credit to the original artist, who I’ve sourced back to being stripedmeerkat, but please do correct me if I’m wrong!

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Alluka/Nanika al fin!


Alluka/Nanika al fin!

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Caw caw.


Caw caw.

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サ イたま
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かむ | H×H ログ
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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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"His expression was what concerned me. He looked very distressed… I couldn’t bring myself to speak to him. If you run into his friend there, can you relay a message? Ask him to help young Killua."

"Well… His friend is why he’s upset."

"What? Gon-kun?”

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