Mushishi Zoku Shou: Odoro no Michi Scenery

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Darkside Field
Masanori Hikichi, Miyoko Kobayashi - Terranigma OST


The song Darkside Field in Terranigma captures the dark atmospheric world within the game. When I was in college, each time I heard the song I could feel myself in Ark’s shoes; wandering a desolate wasteland, while thinking only to save his loved one. Once again, if you haven’t played Terranigma for the Super Nintendo, I dare say pick it up and it will stay with you forever. It’s one of those games you look back on and makes you question how much power God truly has. 

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A Softer World remix: Original


A Softer World remix: Original

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these outfits are my end


these outfits are my end

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9, 6, 0

i wanted to shake her a lot after finishing vlr lol


9, 6, 0

i wanted to shake her a lot after finishing vlr lol

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They cut my body open and all the color drained away.
Human Miria (according to myself) + Warrior Miria

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I understand that the seminar is a big deal and an immense challenge for you. I wish you all the best and all the courage you need for the coming days. I'm sure the four days will go by quickly, you'll soon be home again!

Thank you! I hope I can get myself to prepare a presentation I’m happy with this week so that I’ll at least feel secure about that part…! My immediate fear is the fear of getting an anxiety attack in the first place (in the train or if I can’t find the destination) because getting an attack drains so much of my energy and I need all of it if I want to survive the seminar. >_<

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you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games 


But even if you’re good, you won’t get praise, you’ll be “good for a girl”/get insulted.

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remember when u were like 11 and the only thing u wanted was a lava lamp

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The cauldron spilled over.

Purple ombre / jelly sandwich, bottom —› top:

  • Zoya Miley
  • L’Oreal Lilac Coolers
  • L’Oreal Berry Nice
  • Max Factor Fantasy Fire
  • Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Orange swirl dry marble:

  • Sinful Colors Cloud 9
  • Sinful Colors Opal Glitter
  • NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost
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Pale under.


Pale under.

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"Come on, you big warlord, you," Ashe says. With a bit of effort she stands. Sejuani weakly throws an arm around her shoulder. Together, they take step after step. Ashe’s advisors watch with wide eyes, but say nothing. 
Do check out the writing here, and follow leagueoffics for more interesting shorts!
Smiles for the new week ahead, have a good day everyone.


"Come on, you big warlord, you," Ashe says. With a bit of effort she stands. Sejuani weakly throws an arm around her shoulder. Together, they take step after step. Ashe’s advisors watch with wide eyes, but say nothing. 

Do check out the writing here, and follow leagueoffics for more interesting shorts!

Smiles for the new week ahead, have a good day everyone.

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no one knows who left whono one knows the distance between people either


no one knows who left who
no one knows the distance between people either

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Most posterchildren show signs of their powers early on, if not from birth. This can lead to childhood trauma, so Professor Maillardet created a system of labels to judge posthuman capabilities. These are colloquially referred to as “bands”, since the Academy uses colored silicone wristbands to identify their youngest students.

The labels are imperfect, but they tend to be comforting for younger posterchildren. The bands help posters visually identify each other, as well as fostering a sense of group belonging. This is extremely important, since many posters suffer from feelings of isolation. When it isn’t clear which band color a posterchild’s abilities fit into the best, a Foundation professional will help them choose a useful path for their future career. For example, someone with the ability to teleport could fall under multiple colors, but since every team is required to have a dedicated transport, it’s rare that a teleporter identifies as anything but a gold-band.

RED: Element Kinesis

The ability to control the basic elements available in nature.

Examples: Aerokinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, atmokinesis.

ORANGE: Body Control

The ability to manipulate aspects of your physicality.

Examples: Animal mimicry, duplication, enhanced senses, invulnerability.

GOLD: Transport

The ability to move from point A to point B in a fashion that makes baseline humans look like chumps.

Examples: Superspeed, teleportation, flight, summoning.

GREEN: Energy Control

The ability to gather, convert, or generate different forms of energy.

Examples: Bioelectricmagnetism, solar sourcing, energy constructs, energy physiology.

BLUE: Reality Manipulation

The ability to break the laws of reality over your knee. Over and over.

Examples: Probability manipulation, shapeshifting, resurrection, gravity control.

PURPLE: Psionics

The ability to mentally manipulate the world around you.

Examples: Psychometry, mind control, telekinesis, memory alteration.

PINK: Support/Passive

The ability to affect the powers of others. This classification is largely for powers that are not consciously controlled by the poster. The association with the color pink came from the passive nature of these abilities—-though they are some of the most devastating ones.

Examples: Power sensing, power erasure, power increase, pheromone production.

In addition to the seven color bands, posthumans are sorted by the strength and usefulness of their skills.

Alpha-level: powers are either self-generating or not limited by their environment.

Rarely exhaustible. Only 2% of the overall posthuman population are classified as Alphas. Academy training is mandatory for Alphas, subsidized by the government. They are the only posters cleared by the BPHA to lead multi-member teams.

Example: Mal Underwood is a blue-band Alpha with traumatic event negation.

Sometimes billed as rapid regeneration, Mal’s healing ability is a little more complicated than that. If it were accelerated healing, he would be an orange-band Beta. He is classified as a blue-band Alpha because his body summarily rejects and rewrites any reality following physical harm. Any limbs that are cut off regrow. Any wounds heal. Death itself has a reset button for him. He ages at a normal rate, though, and the cellular regeneration attached to his ability is double-edged: the hormonal imbalance following healing makes him hyper aggressive, his senses painfully acute. Mal can survive for prolonged stretches of time without basic necessities, but it interferes with his regeneration and mental clarity. Starvation is one of the few things that affect him, since even though he physically can keep going without food, his brain constantly screams at him that he needs to eat. He’s never had to find out if it’d break him—-his longest fast clocks in at just over a week, since they felt that they’d gathered enough data on his hardiness—-but it’s a real fear for him. As of yet, he has not found a limit to his regenerative abilities.

Beta-level: the posthuman’s abilities are limited by the body, or by the presence/absence of elements in the environment. Is usually only offensive or defensive, rarely both. Mental powers with a wider scope of manipulation oftentimes end up in this category. To be considered for admittance in the Maillardet Foundation Academy—-and, by extension, participation on a BPHA-approved hero team—-a posthuman must be classified as Beta or higher. Since only 6% of the posthuman population are classified as Betas, only 8% of posthumans are eligible for Foundation training and legal heroism.

Example: Zipporah Chance is a gold-band Beta with augmented speed. Her speed has increased with maturity and training, but at fourteen, she “only” clocks in at 150 mph. Her powers are physically-based, a combination of useful mutations. Her tears are thick and sticky and pearly—-if she had simple salt tears, her eyes would dry out when she’s running. Even so, she needs protective eyewear and footwear. If she wears usual sneakers, the friction she generates can accidentally leave small fires in her wake. Zip needs to keep up her increased metabolism and the calories she burns, so she cannot run indefinitely. She exhausts herself quickly if she hasn’t eaten or slept. Without specialized footwear, eyewear, and a highly calorie-dense diet, there is the possibility of running herself to death.

Gamma-level: one-trick ponies. Usually have a physical-based power with limited applications. 12%

Example: Elouise Lark is a green-band Gamma with the ability to manipulate solar energy. At first glance, it looks like Ellie should be a gold-band: she has wings. Unfortunately, said wings are far too small to support her weight. Folded, the tips brush the small of her back. Though useless for flight, her wings act as a form of solar cell. Like the leaves of a deciduous tree, the layers of feathers collect and store energy from the sun. Silicon can be used to create solar cells, and her body naturally accumulates silicon in the same way human bodies accumulate calcium (another organically inert element). She is able to convert that gathered energy to sound, giving her incredible control of her vocal manipulation. She is classified as a Gamma due to the fact that her powers are limited by how much sunlight she has been exposed to—-and as an Oregonian, she gets very little sun—-and the social implications of her inability to pass as baseline human.

Delta-level: roughly 80% of posters are in this category. Mostly useless powers, or extremely limited in their scope and effectiveness. It’s popular and fashionable for delta-level posters to identify the category of their power and wear that as their favorite color.

Example: Cricket Baker is a blue-band Delta with the ability to change the flavor of things. Technically, her usefulness begins and ends with changing Doritos from Nacho to Cool Ranch. Though she never attended, Cricket is an Academy instructor—-not for her powers, but for her brain. And her freaking awesome field trips.

Tomorrow, I’ll be covering the history and structure of Maillardet Academy itself, so tune in.

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After reading about gender-bias and conversation dominance in the classroom, I asked for a peer to observe a physics class I was teaching and keep track of the discussion time I was giving to various students along with their race and gender. In this exercise, I knew I was being observed and I was trying to be extra careful to equally represent all students―but I STILL gave a disproportionate amount of discussion time to the white male students in my classroom (controlling for the overall distribution of genders and races in the class). I was shocked. It felt like I was giving a disproportionate amount of time to my white female and non-white students.

Even when I was explicitly trying, I still failed to have the discussion participants fairly represent the population of the students in my classroom.

This is a well-studied phenomena and it’s called listener bias. We are socialized to think women talk more than they actually do. Listener bias results in most people thinking that women are ‘hogging the floor’ even when men are dominating.

Stop interrupting me: gender, conversation dominance and listener bias, by Jessica Kirkpatrick from Women In Astronomy

Implicit bias is a thing, just like privilege. Calling it out isn’t meant to shame anyone, but to alert us to step it up and improve ourselves so everyone can have a voice. Be conscious of what you and others are saying, and know when not to speak.

(via scientific-women)

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